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  • Why do aluminum substrates do (3000v) high voltage test?

    Today I want to talk about why the aluminum substrate is withstand voltage 3000v, 4000v. This article is because when we communicate with the aluminum substrate customers, a considerable number of customers do not pay much attention to the pressure resistance of the aluminum substrate, which is usually used by us. The voltage is 220V, the voltage in the EU, Japan and some countries is only 110V, which is why the European Union uses a low voltage of 3000V-4000V, which is due to safety awareness. First of all, the pressure resistance of the aluminum substrate should be understood from the structure of the aluminum substrate. It is composed of a copper-clad layer, an insulating layer and a metal base layer. The intermediate layer determines its thermal conductivity and withstand voltage, so the intermediate layer The importance of this is obvious. There are also many low-end products in the market. There are also many hidden dangers in use. Let us talk about why we should use high pressure aluminum substrates.


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