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  • Why do LED lighting fixtures use aluminum substrates?

    Aluminum substrate characteristics ● Surface Mount Technology (SMT); ● extremely efficient treatment of thermal diffusion in circuit design; ● Reduce product operating temperature, increase product power density and reliability, and extend product life; ● Reduce product size and reduce hardware and assembly costs; ● Replace the fragile ceramic substrate for better mechanical durability. PCB aluminum substrate use: Uses: Power Hybrid IC (HIC). 1.LED lighting products 2. Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc. 3. Power supply equipment: switching regulator `DC/AC converter `SW regulator, etc. 4. Communication electronic equipment: high frequency amplifier `filtering appliance` reporting circuit. 5. Office automation equipment: motor drives, etc. 6. Car: electronic regulator `igniter` power controller, etc. 7. Computer: CPU board `floppy disk drive` power supply unit, etc. 8. Power module: Inverter 'solid relay' rectifier bridge and so on. Article source: 四川万兴机械(Xiè)设备有限公○司○[Sī]


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