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Aluminum substrate production process - how is the aluminum circuit board produced?

2018-12-30 14:41:15

Since the LED lamp bead will generate a large amount of heat during operation, especially the high-power LED, a large amount of heat is generated. If the conventional material PCB circuit board is used, the heat is concentrated and cannot be conducted in time, and is continuously around the LED lamp bead. When the time is long, the LED chip will age, and the light decay will occur. If it is serious, it will die. Therefore, we must use a substrate with thermal conductivity when selecting the substrate. When we choose a good substrate, we will ask how the production process of such a complicated aluminum-based circuit board is how it is produced. .

First, the aluminum-based circuit board is made of a raw material that is a complete copper-clad board that is small enough to fit the production specifications. Of course, the premise is that the project has processed the data and produced MI (production guidelines).

Aluminum-based copper clad plate material drawing

Once again, we will carefully produce the production guidelines for the customer's requirements, starting with the customer's requirements, with circuit layers, hole layers, and character layers. Solder mask, outer layer.

Be sure to take it lightly during production to prevent scratching. In the V-CUT process, we must pay attention to the depth of processing, too deep and easy to break, it is not convenient for subsequent customers to process, too bad to produce. Therefore, every link must be taken seriously and seriously. When you are handing it over to your customers, you will get recognition from your customers.

Also pay attention to the appearance tolerance, appearance, and open short circuit,

After the appearance of the V-cut, the electrical test is carried out, and the package is shipped after confirming the OK.

Of course, there are many QC sampling checks in the middle, the first inspection.

Therefore, the production of an aluminum substrate is done through many processes and labor. It is necessary to control the defective products and scrapped in one go, and strive for the best price-to-price ratio products for customers.

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